The Friends David & Joyce Milne Public Library

Book & Media Donations

From September to April, you may donate used books, CDs, DVDs, audiobooks, games, and puzzles in good shape to the Friends. Please leave donations in boxes or bags on the front porch at 184 Southworth Street in Williamstown. For assistance with larger donations, email or call Melissa Segalla (see below).

If you would like a receipt for your donation, fill out a donation receipt request form and leave it with your clearly defined bagged or boxed donation. The Friends will mail or email you a receipt.

Considering a Book Donation? Crucial to our success is that our inventory be salable. Please keep in mind these guidelines when considering a donation:

What we need (and what raises money):

  • Reasonably current fiction and non-fiction books, CDs, and DVDs
  • Classic literature in good condition
  • Art, cooking, gardening, and children’s books
  • Rare or unusual books for the Silent Auction

What we do not want (and costs us time and money for disposal):

  • Books in bad condition (moldy, dirty, excessively written in or underlined)
  • Textbooks, class notes, outdated academic and reference books (including encyclopedias)
  • Magazines, brochures
  • Readers’ Digest Condensed Books; travel guides more than 5 years old

A good rule of thumb is to donate items you or your friends or neighbors might buy.

For questions regarding donations, please call Melissa Segalla (413-652-2064). Thank you for sharing your good books with us!

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